Cousins: Reaching ‘Next Level is All About Winning’ –

Cousins: Reaching ‘Next Level is All About Winning’ –

A few numbers support Cousins’ words from Wednesday.

The quarterback threw for at least 250 yards in half of Minnesota’s games in 2018, with multiple touchdowns in six of those contests, but the Vikings only went 3-4-1 when Cousins was statistically at his best.

Conversely, the Vikings were 5-3 when Cousins didn’t break the 250-yard barrier, as those games oftentimes corresponded with a strong performance from the ground game as well as the Vikings defense.

As Cousins wraps up the offseason program and looks ahead to Year 2 in Purple, he is focused on being the best leader possible so that the Vikings can get to where they want to go in 2019.

“One thing I can do beyond playing the best I can is to start really coaching and leading other people so that I can never walk off the field saying ‘I did my part, but so-and-so didn’t,’ ” Cousins said. “That can’t happen as a quarterback, you have to be bringing others along so that isn’t a point you’re making at the end of a practice or a game.”

Cousins has put up plenty of statistical numbers in his four seasons as a starter. He and Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers are the only players with 4,000-plus yards and at least 25 touchdown passes in each of the past four seasons.

Yet, as he enters his eighth season in the NFL, Cousins has just one goal on his mind.

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