Observations from Browns OTAs, Day 2 – clevelandbrowns.com

Observations from Browns OTAs, Day 2 – clevelandbrowns.com

2. Antonio Callaway looks sharp

Baker Mayfield said it himself Wednesday: You can tell Callaway has spent the offseason trying to become a better receiver. Callaway looks quick, his routes are crisp and his hands appear to be improved. He stood out every time he touched the ball and is the type of player who could make a large leap in Year 2, especially as part of a corps that includes Landry and Odell Beckham.

“I think I can speak for a few people. We’ve been very pleasantly and very happy with how he came back from the offseason ready to go,” Mayfield said of Callaway. “Just how quick he is and you can tell he’s been working on his craft. That’s very exciting to see that. You bring a guy in like Odell and you re-sign some guys and he’s going to try and compete with them. That’s the most important part. Competition brings out the best in them and Callaway is doing that.”

3. Things are different under Freddie Kitchens

Kitchens does not accept subpar performances from anyone and will not allow the practice agenda to override getting things right. Practice will end when it ends under Kitchens, who is out to lead a winning team, not just an exciting team. He’s also focused on the team aspect of it. Point in case: Receiver Derrick Willies and cornerback Lenzy Pipkins got into a rare OTAs physical altercation Wednesday and had to be separated. As each walked their own ways off the field, Kitchens halted both — and the entire group session — to bring the two back together to talk it out. It’s clear that Kitchens is focused on cultivating a team-first environment and none of the 90 on the roster are exempt from such treatment.

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